The twins as toddlers

Toddler Naomi and RuthI went to my grandma’s house on Friday to go through pictures. It always amazes me how just when I think I’ve seen them all, she produces new ones. She let me bring copies of three new ones home. I don’t have much text to go with them; I’d been hoping to write about Naomi’s older sister Marian next, but things have been pretty rough lately, so I haven’t done much with Naomi’s Story recently. (Details are on my other blog, Moments of Unexpected Beauty, if anyone’s interested.) I would like to post my favorite photo, though: It shows Naomi and her twin sister Ruth as toddlers. The picture is sweet and warm; I love the way Naomi leans on her sister and Ruth looks at her almost protectively. It’s heartbreaking to think about what will happen to Ruth in six or seven years, but at that moment, they were just two little girls eating graham crackers and bonded by their love.


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