Naomi and the Girl Scouts

10 year old Naomi by the dockI’d been meaning to post more about my grandmother Naomi’s childhood and family, but the last few weeks have been so chaotic (my dog Peri died, I went through some intense mourning, and I got a new puppy–the details are in my Moments of Unexpected Beauty blog if anyone’s interested) that this project has been unwittingly suspended. I don’t have time to do an extended post right now, but I want to share a story Naomi told me when I told her about the Girl Scout article I was writing for the local paper. She said she’d been a Girl Scout leader when she, her husband, and her two children lived in New York. She’d planned an overnight camping trip for her girls, but when she was about to leave, her husband laid a profound guilt trip on her for leaving him alone with the children.

“You can’t go! Robert has a cold!” he’d protested.

“You’re a doctor–YOU take care of it!” my grandmother had replied, and she went.

I love this story–it shows a lot about her independent, tenacious personality, and I was really pleased to pick up this tidbit about her adult life since I’d been mostly focusing on her childhood.

I’m also posting a picture of ten-year-old Naomi standing by the dock near her childhood home. It’s not directly relevant to this post, but I like it and want to get it out there. I hope you don’t mind!


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