Planting the Mulberry Tree

Moments of Unexpected Beauty

Yesterday brought an event I’ve long anticipated: The Planting of Grandma’s Mulberry Tree. I’d been dreaming of that moment since I ordered the tree in November. Grandma had grown up with a mulberry tree that supported and nourished her. (I wrote about her bond with it in my posting “The Mulberry Tree.”)

I’d envisioned the planting, therefore, as something beyond a simple attempt to beautify her yard; it was a symbol of continuity, a reincarnation of her youth, a sign that death and loss are only temporary. That’s why I wasn’t terribly upset when (due to my grandmother’s repeated changes of opinion about where to put the tree) my husband Paul left me for the Kubb event he’d been anticipating with as much excitement as I had the tree. (Kubb is a Scandinavian sport that involves tossing wooden dowels at wooden blocks. While I find it an entertaining enough pastime…

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