Unexpected Turkeys

Moments of Unexpected Beauty

Turkey tracks The mysterious tracks

I emerged from my grandma’s assisted living facility last week, blinking in the unaccustomed sunshine. It had been a routine visit; believe you me, when you’re visiting someone who’s 96 years old, the lack of surprises is a good thing. But surprises were yet to come…

Startled, I peered down at the tracks in the snow just ahead of my boots. “Are those TURKEY tracks?” I asked myself, incredulous.

If they were, this turkey apparently owned a vehicle and intended to depart, so purposefully did the tracks march toward the parking lot.

I was just about to convince myself I was mistaken when I looked up. Lo and behold, there was indeed a turkey, posing like it owned the assisted living facility and all its environs.

Lone turkey in parking lot The turkey surveying its domain

It wasn’t long before several other birds joined this Avian Noble, and they proceeded to strut…

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